• Director

    Julia Siu-Yin Ngeow

  • Country, Year, Length

    Australia, 2020, 6:08

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  • Format

    Digital, Film

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Based on the poem by New York writer Leena Soman Navani. ‘A Scale for Hurt’ utilizes digital video, Super 8 film and found footage to curate a nostalgic collage, juxtaposing the fragile transience of childhood with the monumental span of the geologic eras. The film explores limitations in our ability to perceive the vastness of time, contrasted with the smallness of our own lives, as well as highlighting the delicate interplay between humanity and our natural world.

‘A Scales for Hurt’ is an international collaboration with Chinese-Australian filmmaker Julia Ngeow, starring young actress Pippa Dauven, filmed in Perth, Western Australia.


Julia Siu-Yin Ngeow – Director & Producer
Leena Soman – Writer
Pippa Dauven – Key Cast
Mischa Ipp – Narration

Director Statement

Our lives are but a blip on the face of the earth, yet, to us, it’s all the time we have. And when we take a moment to stand back from ourselves, to see all the events that have occurred over millennia leading to our existence, it’s truly mesmerizing and inconceivable. We are so, so small. Life comes, and life goes. Earth nurtures, and Earth destroys.

Based on the poem by New York writer Leena Soman Navani. ‘A Scale for Hurt’ touches upon that childlike ability to deeply experience what’s in front of us, yet simultaneously be so aloof to the bigger perspective of existence. During our youth, there’s only now, that moment, under a magnifying glass; whilst the expansiveness of time remains out of our grasp. Childhood is transient, and so is life on this planet.

In a broader sense, it’s becoming more and more apparent that our species is facing an uncertain future. In 2020 wildfires burned 18.6 million hectares in Australia and 3 million acres across California. Covid-19 killed over 3 million people globally, and sea levels rise at a rate of 3.3 mm a year. A third of the carbon dioxide pumped into the air by humans is trapped in the oceans, and as it dissolves, it turns the oceans acidic. In the history of our planet, there have been 5 mass extinctions, and there’s growing evidence that we could one day be facing a sixth. Our time here on earth is limited, but it’s still hard to perceive.

The film explores how we can comprehend a scale that is so much bigger than us – one that is far too big to feel?

Director Biography

Julia Siu-Yin Ngeow is a Chinese-Australian film director and screenwriter who has created films across the globe. Driven by a passion to uncover truth and cultivate empathy through storytelling, Julia has created documentaries, narratives, music videos and commercials that explore psychology and the physics of reality with a focus on interconnectedness and human vulnerability.

With a background in STEM, Julia graduated from a Bachelor of Biophysics/Neuroscience, and worked as a researcher with the Australian Cancer Council investigating the anti-cancer potential of Aboriginal medicinal plants. Many of Julia’s recent films revolve around health, wellness, and nature – exploring the intersection between art and science.

Julia’s award-winning documentary and narrative films have featured on Dazed, Topic, and screened in festivals across Australia, the USA, and Europe.

Website: www.juliangeow.com // Instagram: @juliangeow @juliangeowfilms

FUN FACT: Julia has played the bagpipes since the age of 12.