Vijay Mirchandani

Vijay is an award winning filmmaker working in India, Dubai, Italy, Qatar, Malaysia, Australia, China and US. As Executive Producer he has received several international awards in promotions, marketing and documentaries. Vijay has juried for Queens World Film Festival for 2019, PROMAXBDA, Cine Awards, New York Festivals Tv & Film and the ROSHD Iranian Film Festival. Over the last two decades, he has managed diverse portfolios overseeing creative, marketing, channel launches and broadcast operations for international networks like CNBC, ART, AL Jazeera, UBI World Tv and Alhurra Tv. He supervised all creative for print, radio, Tv, digital, social media, merchandise, OOH, ground events and network promotions for the largest pay Tv network in MENA and ANZ region for Turkish, Arabic, Philippine, Persian, Macedonian, Greek, Portuguese & Spanish languages. He is an expert in creative direction, LIVE production/direction, acquisitions, programming, scheduling, media planning and budgeting across diverse genres – news, sports, entertainment, features, travel, food, kids, reality, fashion, current affairs and documentaries.