Ivy Hammer

Festival Associate – Host

Ivy Hammer was born and raised in Brooklyn and has been living with her family in Queens, NY for over 30 years. Ivy has loved watching films and going to the movies since she was a young girl. When an opportunity arose to become a volunteer at the Queens World Film Festival, she grabbed it. After being a Festival Associate in 2018, Ivy realized that she wanted to be a Host since this would afford her the chance to speak to filmmakers directly, learn more about their craft and make an impact on a more personal level. In 2019, she hosted several film blocks at MOMI and at Kaufman Astoria Studios. In addition to enjoying the films, she told us that speaking to the filmmakers and the audience during the Q &A was the highlight of the event. Ivy is looking forward to hosting a film block again this year.
On a personal level, Ivy was an extra in a full-length feature film that was submitted to several film festivals in the U.S. including Sundance. The director enjoyed her performance so much that they recommended her to be the ‘Mom’ in a music video promoting a dating App. Ivy is also the organizer of a women’s social group on Meetup for the past 10 years with over 920 members.