Celeste Balducci

Celeste Balducci is a filmmaker and activist.

Celeste was a soldier in the fight for safe streets, landmarking and more schools to combat overcrowding in Queens. She served as President of the 115th Precinct Community Council fostering115th PCT PAL Softball League serving teens in CB3, and did conflict resolution in 13 High Schools in Queens with the NYPD.

Celeste curates art exhibits increasing business & connecting local artists. As a filmmaker, she has captured community events, pride and food & culture for Queens Council on the Arts and also captured local history in a feature film entitled “Lovely Lily”, as well as numerous video shorts featured on her YouTube Channel.

Celeste is an accomplished PR professional covering art, business & public policy, working with esteemed thinkers and authors including: Paul Krugman, Nomi Prins and Jeffrey Kaye. In marketing, she has created tourism events that helped promote Queens, including Councilmember Dromm Initiatives: “June in Jackson Heights” and “Eat Elmhurst” and as part of Queens World Film Festival for 10 years meeting and supporting great filmmakers: “from around the corner and around the world”.