Ashraf Shishir

Filmmaker, Scriptwriter, Human Rights Activist

Ashraf Shishir, widely known in the filmmaking community, is a versatile artist with a profound commitment to cinema and human rights. An award-winning filmmaker and scriptwriter, he brings over a decade of professional experience, having directed feature films, documentaries, and TV series. With a background in human rights advocacy, Shishir’s work is driven by a passion for impactful storytelling. As the founder of the International Open Film Festival, he combines his expertise in filmmaking with a commitment to promoting diverse and compelling narratives. Shishir’s multidisciplinary skills encompass scriptwriting, graphics design, audio-video editing, and social media management, making him a valuable contributor to the global film industry. Eager to share his knowledge and discerning eye, Shishir looks forward to collaborating with the festival committee to celebrate exceptional cinema from around the world.