Andi Reiss is a documentary producer, ethnographic/artist-filmmaker, photographer and educator with twenty years of independent experience. Having filmed in many interesting places around the world, hostile and challenging environments included, he is currently based in Oxford, UK and (part time) in New York with his wonderful wife Kris. He is currently developing a slate of international indie documentaries, loosely focused on issues of mental health (, whilst also setting out on a research project with his eight year old son to discover if Chic, the seminal rock band that disco direly needed, ever found any takers for that free cow they were always trying to get rid of. Having had films screened at the festival over the years, and having had the pleasure of being a jury member in 2019, Andi is delighted to be working with Don, Katha and all at QWFF once again, for this their celebratory tenth year.