Luidji Heriveaux

Luidji Heriveaux – Luidgi Oh. Brooklyn born artist. Neutral activist. Laid Back Comedian. Luidji enjoys performing as a charming yet intense Host for film blocks at the Queens World Film Festival. Luidji tries his best to serve fellow humans with his jokes, by working and volunteering during the Covid pandemic and by streaming his poetic rants about social injustices and social misconceptions. While most decline access to whom they perceive as enemies, Luidji tends to take on the challenge and risk of touching base with presumed oppositions, because he sees each human and piece of light as only reflections of each other. He knows that by achieving more understanding he will promote understanding – which is something his growing fanbase seems to yearn for. You can find Luidji performing or hosting comedy shows and unique entertainment events all over the country including Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Boston, and primarily his hometown of New York City where has the opportunity to make everyone laugh at Stand Up New York, the Comedy Cellars and the Fat Black Pussy Cat:  His IG is @LWEEDJIOX and looks forward to hearing from you.