Queens World Film Festival


Queens World Film Festival




Jul 01 2020


9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Wednesday Nights @ 9 – Celebration of Rockaway Youth Task Force Spotlighting Films by POC

Queens World Celebrates Rockaway Youth Task Force for their multi-platform approach to youth development and community engagement, including acreages of farm space for fresh vegetables. The films curated for the BLOCK in their honor were chosen as they all look at the barriers to the ‘American Dream’.

Another America: 6 Short Films about the American Experience from a Non-privileged Position

Fricasé by Taly Uriarte

Rolling In The Deep by Marcellus Cox

Coney Island Sunrise by vagabond Beaumont

The Magical Root by Brandon Miree

Harlem’s Last Poet by vagabond Beaumont

No Traveler Returns by Ellie Foumbi

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